I’ve decided to schedule my portrait. What happens next?


  1. 1. We get in contact through email or WhatsApp and we schedule a phone call.

Write to me at monica@monicalopezpinzon.com with the subject line “PORTRAIT”.

  1. 2. I send you the contract.
  2. 3. I send you the questionnaire.
  3. 4. I receive 50% of initial investment.
  4. 5. The subject of the portrait is decided.
  5. 6. I receive the photographs or a photographic session is programmed.
  6. 7. The photographs must be sharp, looking at the camera with a soft smile.

Sketches and Approval

  1. 8. I share the first sketch (15 days from the moment the photographs are received). The technique, contrast, and general elements are defined with questions about what you like. For example, do you like the clothes?, do you like the hair?, etc. Faces are done in the final work, not in the sketches.
  2. 9. If a second sketch is needed it will be shared within the next 8 to 15 days.
  3. 10. From the third sketch on, there is an additional charge of 40 usd.
  4. 11. The final work is decided.

Final work and Delivery

  1. 12. Once the final work is decided, I begin working on it.
  2. 13. I receive the final 50% payment.
  3. 14. I give you the final work.
  4. 15. I give you the Certificate of Authenticity.

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