Antes is a series of five (5) small oil paintings of a living room in different time lapses. Antes is the Spanish word for before. This series was started in 2005 and finished in 2019.

This is a series of drawings with graphite, Chinese ink, pen, watercolor and colored pencils of Colombian athletes who through their Concentration and Persistence achieved their goals.

The technique of the pieces makes reference to this qualities needed also in the discipline of drawing.

Zauberberg are big acrylic paintings that started as a colour experiment with contrast based on Johannes Itten’s Colour Theory and the traditional themes of art (still life, landscape, and human figure).

Expanding on the human figure I continued with the moments of concentration observed in children. This are small drawings on paper.

Reflexions on the Mind and Democracy

Commissioned Work

Past Works 2003-2012

The experimentation of different techniques, in drawing and painting, and colour were the main focus of my work from 2003 to 2012. Even though the theme always varied, the human figure remained and that lead me to my recent work.

La experimentación de diferentes técnicas y el color fueron el principal interés de mi trabajo desde 2003 a 2012. Aunque el tema siempre varió, la figura humana permaneció y esto me llevó a mi trabajo actual.

Das Experimentieren von verschiedenen Techniken und Farben war der Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeit von 2003 bis 2012. Obwohl das Thema immer variiert, blieb die menschliche Figur und das führt mich zu meiner aktuellen Arbeit.


  • 2020 Bayas de la ericácea paramuna. REGALO DE NAVIDAD. Espacio Cinco33. Bogotá.
  • 2020 Serie Vigilia. Construcción aprobada y Expectativa. REFLEXIONES. Espacio Cinco33. Bogotá
  • 2020 Serie Flores endémicas. ANTESIS. Espacio Cinco33. Bogotá.ántesis?page=3
  • 2020 Naturaleza en explosión. ART 4 THE AMAZON
  • 2019 EL OBJETO DEL DIBUJO. Espacio Van Staseghem. Bogotá.
  • 2019 Serie Antes. Galería Cecilia Gómez. Bogotá.
  • 2018 Objetos Internos. Fabriano El Papel (Vitrina). Bogotá.
  • 2005 No. 33. D.A.C.R. Departamento de Arte Contemporáneo del Congreso (independiente). Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá.
  • 2004 XXXI Salón Cano. Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá.
  • 2002 Buscando suerte. PORTATIL. Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá.
  • 2002 XXIX Salón Cano. Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Bogotá.

About Me

Mónica López Pinzón paints and draws on a regular basis. She’s made different works over the years; participating in Collective Exhibitions curated by Gustavo Zalamea; and making the cover of the book by Psychoanalyst Bernardo Alvarez Lince to be published in 2020.

She lives and works in Bogota, Colombia, where she was born in 1982, and studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia from 2000 to 2005. Obtaining the second best average in 2003 and 2004; being granted by the Advisory Committee of the School of Fine Arts, U. Nacional in 2005 a Featured Trajectory Mention, and graduating as a Master in Fine Arts with a specialization in painting.


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