Mini Curso de Color


La Guía del Dibujante Relajado para Hacer Composiciones Armoniosas

Mini Curso con Mónica López Pinzón

Entra a tu cuenta, tómalo hoy (es gratis) y aprende cómo hacer bocetos como un profesional — de por vida.

Dentro de éste práctico Mini Curso de 1-hora te voy a acompañar a:


The Exact Steps I Use

as I work with my team each year to plan out our promotional calendar.


My Goal Setting and Brainstorming Prompts

we use to strategize for the year ahead, learn from the year prior, and (of course) plan new offers and time off! I’ll pull back the curtain on it ALL!


The Secret $$ Trick

to setting your annual financial goals. (Warning: this part WILL make you uncomfortable – but I promise you’ll thank me later. Because trust me, there’s something magical about being pushed out of your cash flow comfort zone.)


The Game-Changing Formula for Crunching the Numbers

and connecting your offers and promotions directly to your $$ goals. You can’t hit a target you can’t see. So we’ll work backward from that big, bold number you settle on, and pinpoint the offers and promo campaigns that’ll bring home the bacon.


A Little-Known Secret Called “Promo-Blocking”

that I’ve never shared before (shhh!) Too many entrepreneurs struggle through their promos because they only really start selling the day their sales page goes up. I’ll show you how to “prime the pump” long beforehand, so your audience is engaged, excited to learn from you, and ready to buy when promo begins.


How to Build In the Perfect Amount of White Space

so you don’t come off too “sales-y” with your audience. I’ll share my strategies for giving your audience a soft landing after your promos ends, and continuing to serve them while you rest up to get back in the game.

1 Notebook + 1 Calendar + 2 high-octane hours with me = Everything you need to make this year a smashing success!

Yep, even if you are not sure what you want to sell or when you want to sell it. (We’ll talk about that in the training too.)

Uh-huh, even if you struggle to reach revenue goals, or feel like you’re driving a bus with no steering wheel when it comes to promo. (Hey, it happens! Been there. And I’m here to help.)

And ohh yeah, especially if being visible in “promo mode” makes you break out in a cold sweat. (It can be truly fun with the right level of planning, I promise.)

Because planning your annual promo calendar doesn’t just set up for success. It also empowers you to play strategic long term game, roll with the punches, and kick the “What know!?” panic down the curve. Foverever.

Enroll just for $247 now, and learn how to plan money-makin’ promos like a pro — for life.

You’ll walk away from this training feeling …

  • u003cstrongu003eTotally confidentu003c/strongu003e, because you have a roadmap for exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it to reach your goals.
  • u003cstrongu003eOver the moon to play bigger u003c/strongu003ein your business, share your story, be more visible, and step into your greatness (I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!).
  • u003cstrongu003eFree from the quicksand of running u0022on the flyu0022 promosu003c/strongu003e, and ready to get intentional and strategic. #eyesontheprice
  • u003cstrongu003eCommitted to doing LESS of the work you don’t want to do,u003c/strongu003e and MORE of the work you do – because it’s right there in your calendar all year long.


Después de años de dar clases y dibujar puedo decir que cuando comienzas a hacer bocetos tu habilidad aumenta.

Es la forma más sencilla para practicar y avanzar al mismo tiempo.

Si estás dispuesta/o a invertir 50 minutos para aprender a superar las frustraciones más comunes cuando se dibuja te prometo recompensar tu energía con al menos una estrategia efectiva que te hará avanzar.

¿Mi objetivo para tí? Después de éste Mini Curso no vas a volver a decir “no dibujo porque no sé por dónde comenzar.” Yo te ayudo a que esto sea realidad. Regístrate con el botón.

¡Nos vemos allá!